Lovely, dark and deep. To be honest: I expected sth. about "Disco Elysium" - which has a cryptid-side-quest. :D https://erikhoel.substack.com/p/the-future-of-literature-is-video

On encountering the cryptid, one might be able to talk to it; when one asks: Are you the "miracle"? - it answers: No. You humans are the miracle.

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>it would offer it’s believers

Typo, "it's" should be "its".

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Nice. And your conclusion seems sound.

On a couple of prosaic notes, 2 cognitive factors may also be significant. The gap between the payoff you imagine, when wanting, and the perceived payoff when getting. There’s lots of research & theory on this that suggests your intuition is right about the need for more cryptids if Bigfoot et al really turned up one day.

The other, even more prosaic, is that we just love a good story.

I’ve a new agey friend and it seems sad to me that the Angler fish and Higgs Bosons of this world aren’t enough for her.

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